Our Own Private Idaho

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Sometimes you just need to get away and ride your bike somewhere new. Someplace you’ve never been. Somewhere you’ve maybe heard about, but never visited before. A region you’ve seen in pictures and always longed to see in person. That was the mindset Caley and I had when we decided to step out of our usual comfort zone, and fly off (with bikes in tow) to the vast expanses of the Idaho countryside. It’s not that our home terrain isn’t worthy — Boulder, Colorado has its reputation as a cycling mecca for good reason — but both of us have lived here for quite a while, and even with road, gravel, and mountain bikes at our disposal, you eventually get to the point where you’ve ridden everything nearby enough times that even the extraordinary starts to feel a little mundane. It was time to add a little bit of spark to our pedaling again. See the full story at CyclingTips: https://cyclingtips.com/2018/10/our-o...

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